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"I purchased your book and have been following your advice for about 12 months now. I am at present half way through replacing my 13 large amalgam fillings. My original symptoms were bad mouth ulcers once every 8 weeks that would last for up to 2 weeks on some occasions and which would leave me unable to speak. While this had being going on for some time, it had got progressively worse over the past 2 years. Since starting your detox protocol I have only had one ulcer and it did not come to much. So things are much better! The staff at the hospital I have been attending don’t understand, but are interested to learn more .."
Antony Watkins, Severe Mouth Ulcer Sufferer

Dr Huggins Explains Cavitations

Dr Hal Huggins explains how dental cavitations form after tooth extraction and how they can be prevented. 2 mins

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