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Masaro Emoto's Water Crystals

Emoto crystal

This stunning image and many others of water crystals have been taken by Masaru Emoto and his team over the last 15 years. For those of you that are not already familiar with his best-selling books, Masaru is a Japanese born doctor of alternative medicine that became fascinated by the fact that no two snowflakes are ever the same. He developed a system to capture this phenomenon using high-speed photography in freezing conditions.

The results have both delighted with their beauty and provided irrefutable proof of the effect of consciousness on matter. More exquisite than the most amazing diamond, the formations of these crystals speak to us about the fractal architecture of the universe, the amazing properties of water and the effect of consciousness upon the fabric of reality. 

How so? 

Masaru began by photographing water from different sources including chemically treated municipal water from all over the world, pure water from natural sources and water recognised to have special healing qualities such as that found at Lourdes.



However, his work then expanded into photographing the crystals formed when water was first exposed to:

  • Specific pieces of music - from the most beautiful classical music, through the Beatles to heavy rock and gangster rap
  • Music from different genres from all over the world including Korean folk songs, Tibetan chants, polkas and gospel
  • Words written in different languages and taped to the water container
  • Images of a variety of places and objects including landscapes, crop circles, planets, shrines, etc.
  • Speech - both life-affirming and insulting phrases
  • Song - including traditional and children's songs 
  • Radiation from various sources such as the television, mobile phone or microwave oven
  • Religious blessings
  • Both kind and unkind thoughts
  • Being ignored


The results

  • Classical music by the likes of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven produced exquisite crystals as did 'Yesterday' by The Beatles
  • 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis Presley produced a crystal broken in two!
  • Many diverse traditional musical genres also produced beautiful crystals 
  • Water exposed to hard rock music failed to crystallise
  • The same word in different languages produced variations on a theme and the crystals seem somehow to capture the essence of a nation
  • Water that was either insulted or ignored failed to crystallise
  • Even slight variations in words such as the difference between "Do it!" (an order) and "Let's do it" (an affirmation) produced a massive difference in structure
  • The words 'Sorry', 'Love and gratitude' and 'Thank-you' produced the most regular, stunning and colourful crystals
  • Water that had been irradiated failed to crystallise
  • Water that had been exposed to negative thoughts formed incomplete, asymetrical crystals in dull colours


His work has profound implications. First, because both our bodies and our home planet are mostly water. Second, because we have not even begun to explain the special properties of water such as the 'memory' employed therapeutically by homeopaths. Last, but not least, because his work confirms what the mystics have maintained all along: That we create our own reality. 

Masaru suggests that this knowledge can produce personal and planetary transformation - starting with each one of us and the things we say, do and think. 


Further resources

Masaru Emoto's books include The Miracle Of Water available from Amazon UK or US, The Hidden Messages In Water from Amazon UK or US or The Shape Of Love from Amazon UK or US. Other books on related topics are available in the Emotional and Spiritual Health section of Recommended Reading. 

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Masaru Emoto's Water Crystals: Article summary

This short article accompanies a video of photographs taken by Masaru Emoto of the water crystals that form when water is exposed to different words, music, images, treatments, languages, etc. His work captures the impact of consciousness upon matter and the special properties of water.


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