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Laura Henze Russell, Recovering from Mercury Poisoning/Fibromyalgia

The Critical Role of the Atlas Bone

Man with painful atlas

What is the atlas bone?

The atlas bone is a ring shaped bone that supports the globe of the head on top of the spine, for which reason it was named after the God, Atlas. It is the first cervical vertebrae (C1) and, along with the axis bone beneath (C2), allows for a greater range of movement than other vertebrae. Cup-shaped facets on the upper surface of the atlas bone articulate with the occipital bone of the skull and allow nodding and facets beneath articulate with the axis bone (C2) and allow rotation of the head. The atlas bone has bulky masses to the sides which allow it to support the weight of the head (12-14 lbs, approximately 6 kilos) and has facets for the attachment of muscles and ligaments.

The central space within the ring (the foramen magnum) of the atlas bone is divided into two by a ligament, whereby the front portion receives the process from the axis bone beneath and the posterior portion carries the spinal cord. In fact, a fractured atlas can allow the process of the axis to exert pressure on the spinal cord which may result in sudden death!


Misalignment of the atlas bone

For reasons that are not fully understood, the atlas bone is rotated from its rightful position in the vast majority of people. Suggestions why this might have occurred include the birthing process and injuries sustained in the normal rough and tumble of childhood and the process of learning to walk. However, the fact that the rotation is almost always to one side belies these proposed causes and suggests that this atlas bone defect has become genetic.


The Atlas Profilax treatment

The Atlas Profilax treatment was developed by a Swiss man, Rene-Claudius Schumperli. He suffered with lifelong pain and disability himself as a result of a fractured atlas bone early in his life. He obtained only temporary relief from other therapies before developing his treatment.

It is a one-time treatment that involves massaging the muscles at the back of the neck using equipment that generates a certain frequency. When applied to specific trigger points, this causes a disruption in the normal muscular bracing of the misalignment for long enough to permit the atlas bone to realign to its rightful position at the base of the skull. Some may find that they experience almost immediate relief of physical problems after treatment, whereas others may experience a healing crisis, feel dizzy, sore or tired.


Anatomy of atlas bone


The benefits of Atlas Profilax treatment


The musculoskeletal system

The atlas bone carries not only the skull, but also facilitates suspension, balance and control of the spine and skeletal system. There is a school of thought that alignment of the body occurs from the top down but, because the head is always held level, this creates compensatory skeletal and muscular effects throughout the rest of the body. If this first link in the spinal chain is twisted, this necessarily affects the links below and the whole spine compensates. This causes chronic muscular tension of the head, neck and shoulders as these muscles strive to support the head on an unstable base. The hips also tilt such that one leg may functionally be longer than the other. Musculoskeletal problems that may be helped by Atlas profilax treatment include:

  • Back problems including trapped nerves and scoliosis
  • Stiff neck
  • Lumbago
  • Herniated discs
  • Temporomandibular (jaw joint) disorder (TMD or TMJ)
  • Displaced pelvis
  • Knee pain
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Discrepancy between leg length
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle contractions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Slipped disc
  • Shoulder pain
  • Trapped nerves


The neurological system

The brain stem extends into this portion of the spinal canal and the atlas bone also has a groove for the suboccipital nerve. The reduction of the opening of the spinal canal (foramen magnum) affects the proper communication between the brain and the organs. It may also result in neurological disorders due to the pressure on the lower part of the brainstem which deals with vital functions. Relief of migraines, chronic headaches, vertigo and tinnitus have been reported as a result of Atlas Profilax treatment.


The energetic effects of Atlas Profilax treatment

The energetic connections of the atlas bone region are to the throat chakra which acts as a bridge between heart and mind. This chakra is also connected to the base chakra and to the experience of kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is often depicted as a sleeping serpent at the base of the spine and is thought to be a spiritual energy that can vitalise the body and that is accessible to all who seek to open at mid-life. However, some may experience spontaneous kundalini surges that can be perceived as frightening or overwhelming. This has direct implications for all those suffering with fatigue.


The emotional effects of Atlas Profilax treatment

The upper neck appears to be important to our emotional health and balance. The twisting of the energetic pathways to our internal organs can also unbalance the psyche. Practitioners report that individuals often lose a sense of aggravation and the need to protect themselves after Atlas Profilax treatment which may manifest as either becoming passive or obsessive. Relief of anxiety and depression is also a reported outcome of treatment.


The circulatory system

The rotation of the atlas bone places pressure on the circulation in the vertebral and carotid arteries and the lymphatic system and also affects flow within the cerebrospinal fluid and places pressure on the meninges (the lining of brain and spinal cord). Relief of high blood pressure has been a reported effect of treatment.


The spiritual effects of Atlas Profilax treatment

The spiritual significance of the neck region opens you to higher experience and also allows energy flow.


My experience of Atlas Profilax treatment

Having had the Atlas Profilax treatment myself, whilst some apparently enjoy the experience, I cannot claim to be one of them. Having said that: it is a one-off treatment and half an hour or so of your life. The chronic pain in my hips and shoulders has undoubtedly lessened, but it is hard to say whether this is a direct result of the treatment or the contemporaneous mercury detoxification. I must say that I felt quite shaken-up and unable to safely drive immediately afterwards as though something incredibly significant had just happened. Since the neck apparently relates to the element of earth it felt as though my body had just come through its own personal ‘earthquake’.


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The atlas bone: Article summary

This article looks at the critical role of the atlas bone (which is the first vertebral bone upon which the skull articulates) to health. The atlas bone is often misaligned causing all manner of chronic musculoskeletal problems. The potential benefits of a treatment to permit the atlas bone to return to its correct position known as Atlas Profilax are discussed. 


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